The Road to Chess Improvement by Alex Yermolinsky

The Road to Chess Improvement

The Road to Chess Improvement Alex Yermolinsky ebook
Publisher: Gambit Publications
ISBN: 1901983242, 9781901983241
Page: 224
Format: djvu

Someone mentioned in a thread The Road To Chess Improvement by Alaxander Yermolinsky (I think JacksonWShowalter). One of my fave books is "Improve Your Chess Results" by Vladimir Zak. I am almost done with The Art of the. A journey of chess improvement, 1 rating point at a time. I start a lot of things I'm counting on the power of chocolate to drive me on the road to chess improvement ! In my opinion,?Ǭ†this is a strong point, rather than a weak one. Then a new idea on how to improve pops up, I stop the current study plan, design another and here we go again ! An account of my chess It seems the software is a bit lacking in some respects and yet this is a definite improvement to how I've been trying to learn openings thus far. Another book arrived in the mail today. On The Road To Chess Enjoyment. I wonder why Dover never obtained the rights to print this one. Ǭ†extensively from books like Secrets of Practical Chess by Nunn and The Road to Chess Improvement by Yermolinsky. It is a 1973 hardcover edition of Euwe's The Road to Chess Mastery. Now Zak gets dissed in a fairly big way by his pupil Yermo in "The Road to Chess Improvement". In this book the author passes on many of the insights he has gained over the years. He steers the reader away from "quick-fix" approaches, and focuses on the critical areas of chess understanding and over-the-board decision-making. It is similar in style to John Watson's 'Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy' and GM Yermolinsky's 'The Road to Chess Improvement'; if you liked those books, you'll definitely enjoy this one. It seems to have a similar format to Chess Master vs Chess Amateur and is a highly regarded book.

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